Living Faith Fellowship

Spiritual Life by Malcolm Webber

These teachings are audio only.

Jesus at the Pool of Bethesda– John 5:1-20

We respond with human energy and with human wisdom to human need. Jesus responded, always, with the Father’s energy and with the Father’s wisdom to the Father’s will! That’s why we often fail. And that’s why Jesus was always perfectly successful.

Jesus’ Response to Hardship and Danger–┬áJohn 11:1-16

In spite of the fact that He knew the Jewish leaders were trying to kill Him, Jesus walked fearlessly into the very midst of danger. He knew He was in the will of His Father; He knew He was untouchable!

The Woman At The Well–┬áJohn 4:1-9

Through His interactions with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus shows us what true ministry looks like. And it’s radical!